You are what you eat babe!


“Will you be taking any sugar with that?”: The barista behind the coffee

South Africans, like so many around the world, boast a big coffee culture. We have a passion for our hot beverages and make a point of sharing these experiences with each other, from coffee dates with friends to Instagram posts bragging about our latest, steaming ´cuppa Joe´. Our beautiful Mother City (Cape Town) has a variety of spots for all kinds of vibe-seekers, with all kinds of coffee palates. From hidden gems nestled on quiet street corners, to big coffee houses with big reputations, we have them all! Cape Town also boasts a great variety of skilled baristas who put the ‘G’ into the genius behind those steaming ‘cuppas’.

My cuppa tea

Thinking of blog post ideas can be a bit of mind-squeeze at the best of times, even for a topic as broad as food. As I sat at my dining room table, laptop open, hands hovering over the keypad wondering what to write about, an idea came to me like the steam rising from a kettle. TEA.

No matter what anyone says, one thing that comforts as good as a hug would definitely be a cup of tea.

Le Delizie and feeling like a kid in a candy store

From nougat to ice cream to chocolates, Le Delizie has it all!
[Photography my own]

The rich and mouth-watering smell of chocolate, the bright red pop of potted flowers on the shelves and the smiling faces of the owners, Adriana and Massimo, all greet you as you enter Le Delizie, a chocolaterie and gelateria in Dean Street, Newlands (Cape Town). One almost feels as if you are walking into Chocolat, a novel by Joanne Harris, when entering Le Delizie; and the sense that all your chocolate fantasies can be realised is truly awakened, leaving people across ages feeling like kids in a candy shop.