You are what you eat babe!

My mantra has always been that you should put in what you want to get out. So, from what I feed my body to what I feed my mind, I try to keep it healthy and positive. I try to keep every decision a conscious one and ask myself: ¨how will this affect me? Is it healthy, or am I simply giving into an unnecessary craving?.¨ Don´t get me wrong though, I´m definitely still a burger+chips, rusk-and-coffee-drinking, ice-cream-eating kinda gal, but I try to keep these in moderation (even if moderation means a treat a day… guilty snacker right here, sorry not sorry ;).

We become what we eat to a certain degree. Nope, your hair will not turn green from an excess of broccoli (we would hope), but what you eat can really affect how you feel from the inside out.

Let me put it to you differently, you´re drinking a deliciously creamy, thick milkshake. If you could marry a milkshake, the one you´re drinking would be it!


On the flip side, you´re drinking a freshly squeezed juice from your closest juice bar (I personally enjoy mine from Root Bar on Dean Street, Newlands, Cape Town). The fresh bursts of flavour in your mouth take you to summer days, chowing oranges as a kid.

Now, both of the above drinks are amazing in their own individual ways, but only one will be truly good for you. I´m sure I don´t need to spell out which one that is, but I hope we can agree that a freshly-squeezed juice will make you feel waaay healthier from the inside out. For me, it´s as if my mind is telling me that with every sip, I´m shedding a killo and that just being in a place like a juice bar, a place oozing healthiness, means that I must be upping my health-factor by like 10. Probably not…but the thought is enough to get me thinking in a healthier way and feeling healthier from the inside. And, come on now, how good doesn´t it feel to know you just made a healthy choice! The killos may not be spinning off just yet, but the self-love factor has seriously just had an up.

I hope you understand what I´m getting at here, that each choice we make has an outcome and that outcome is in the hands of you and only you. We may not all (myself included) enjoy the luxury of being able to eat blueberries and Greek yogurt on a daily basis, but even the small choices you make, for example: taking the stairs instead of the escalator, drinking that water instead of that Coca Cola or trying to incorporate a piece of fruit per day, will make a difference. Your body will thank you for it, from your skin to your hair to your weight to your happy-feels.

The above may seem so cliche, but I guarantee that you´ll feel the difference. So start the self-love today, with what you put into your system to what you allow into your mind. Feed your body with respect and love and health and whisper good things to yourself today. You are beautiful and your results may be not be the same as the next person, but its your progress after all. And as long as there´s growth and progress (no matter how small), its more than enough reason to keep going!

Jessie x

P.S Thank you for taking your time (and data) to read my blog, every bit of support means so much to me!


[Header image source (and for more inspiration): Lulus ]


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