Toast may be one of the most arb topics to talk about,  but in the defence of all things toast-related, there is a certain level of genius to the endless possibilities available to you when having your slice.

I am a big toast fan. Fullstop. Whenever trying to cut out carbs and bread, my toaster and the endless supply of great, brown breads in my kitchen convince me of otherwise. Life is only lived once, right? And isn’t the name of the game balance, anyway? I rest my case.

I have tried a variety of easy-to-do toppings for the good ole slice of toast and share some of my favourites below.

1. Peanutbutter+ figs + cinnamon + honey

(Photography my own)

Yes, this is an unconventional combination, but trust me when I say that it tastes a lot better than you may think. Simply top your next slice o’ toast with some peanutbutter (crunchy is best), slices of fresh figs, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Did you know?

Figs are…

  • High in dietary fiber, thus aiding the body in healthy weight control
  • “Fresh or dried, figs contain powerful antioxidants that neutralise free radicals in your body and fight disease”
  • A great source of potassium



2. Beans on toast

(Photography my own)

This old English classic gets a definite yes from me. Not only is it delicious, but filling as well.

Try adding some sauteed mushrooms and onions to your everyday baked beans, before topping them on your toast. Crumble some feta-cheese and add freshly ground pepper on top of your finished product.

Did you know?

Baked beans are…

  • High in fiber, therefore aiding in the prevention of heart-related diseases; reducing cholesterol levels and preventing constipation
  • “Beans are a diabetes sufferer’s superfood!” –Reader’s Digest


Avo slathered toast, topped with a fried egg and a twist

(Photography my own)

Avo on toast may be a common topping, I know. Not only is it super delish, but only needs a bit of freshly-ground salt ´n pepper to be completed. Simply adding a twist to your avo-mix and topping it all off with fried egg, will take this classic to a new game-changer level.

With your next avo-topped slice, why not try mixing your avo with: a squirt of lemon juice+ sauteed onion and tomato+mixed with a bit of chopped coriander = guacamole style. Top your toast with this delish mix and place a fried egg on top of that with some freshly ground salt and pepper. This combo will also be great with a bit of freshly chopped chilli, if you like that kinda heat, or alternatively a bit of Tobasco sauce would work great as well.

Did you know?

Avos are….

  • A superfood, which are more potassium-rich than bananas
  • They contain ¨healthy fats¨, or monounsaturated fats, which aid in the heart´s health
  • These healthy fats also aid in the health of one´s hair, skin and nails


So…Whichever way you´re having your slice o´ toast, try and keep things interesting. The possibilities really are endless!

Jessie x


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