The humble pomegranate


[Photography my own]
One thing I love about living in Cape Town (and South Africa in general), are the variety of pop-up food-stall vendors on the side of the road. Many of these men and women not only sell fresh produce from local farms, but sell them at prices far lower than that of the average supermarket.
I recently passed just such a gentleman whilst taking a Sunday cruise with my family. His trestle-table of big, brilliant-red Clanwilliam pomegranates caught my eye immediately and I knew I simply had to get some for the kitchen at home. For a price of only R25 for 3 large pomegranates, I knew I had fallen into the butter.
Not only are pomegranates a treasure-trove for recipe ideas, but they also hold awesome aesthetic appeal (for a photography-lover like me, this is a massive perk).
But what lies beneath their humble surface is where the true magic lies // these blushing red fruits have more to them than simply meets the eye…
Here are 6 benefits of eating the humble pomegranate, you may not have known about before:
  1. Pomegranates are good for fighting cancer, due to high levels of  Vitamin C and Vitamin A (amongst others). Simply drinking the juice of pomegranates on a regular basis can help decrease your risk.
  2. The high level of Vitamin C in pomegranates also aids in your body´s immunity against infection. Whether from the juice; seeds or skin, pomegranates are a one-stop fix to getting your daily Vitamin C intake- and are definitely one easy way of preventing the flu this year!
  3. Drinking a glass of pomegranate juice, which has high anti-bacterial effects, daily, can help lower plaque-levels in your mouth.
  4. Do you suffer from acne or skin inflammation? Pomegranates help kill both these birds with one stone, due to their high concentration of Vitamin C.
  5. Treats frizzy hair. Naturally-curly hair´s greatest enemy has to be frizz and for a curly-haired person like me, this is one added problem I don´t need. Pomegranate oil has been used in hair-care products for years and helps add natural shine & sleekness to your tresses.
  6. The high fibre content in pomegranates, helps to curb cravings and aid weight loss. Try snacking on their beautifully juicy gems for a quick, easy and super antioxidant-rich hunger-fix.


[Photography my own]
So whether you´re getting your pomegranate-dose in liquid form or nibbling on their seeds as a quick snack-on-the-go, these tasty fruits hold more under their surface than simply meet the eye. And who doesn´t need an excuse to eat pretty…naturally!

Jessie x

[P.S watch this space: for my next post, I´ll be showing you an easy recipe on what you can make with these gorgeous fruits!]
[Photography my own]

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